About Bart Starr

The Bart Starr Award is presented annually by Athletes in Action to a current NFL player who has demonstrated outstanding character, integrity and leadership in his home, on the field and in the community.

Bart Starr is best known for his successful career with the Green Bay Packers where he played from 1956 to 1971. He led the Packers to multiple NFL championships and was instrumental in the team’s victories as the MVP of the first two Super Bowls. He was a four-time Pro Bowl selection and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1977.

As great as his athletic accomplishments were on the field, Bart was just as known and admired for the type of person he was off the field — a loving and faithful husband, father and positive role model for the thousands of fans whose lives he touched.

Bart Starr standing at a podium
The Bart Starr Award

About Athletes in Action

Since 1966, Athletes in Action has been working with athletes on all levels of sport to become Total Athletes. We believe people are three-dimensional (physical, mental and spiritual), and the only way to maximize one’s potential is to develop in all three dimensions. Unashamedly, we are committed to helping young men and women grow in their character and in their faith while they are pushing their bodies to their limits.

By serving, training and sending athletes as influencers into the world, we are building spiritual movements in hopes that every athlete on every team, in every nation can experience a victory that is beyond competition.

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