Gill Byrd

1993 Winner

Gill Byrd, the recipient of the Bart Starr Award, was a first round draft selection with the San Diego Chargers in 1983. He was a 10-year starter at cornerback and free-safety. Byrd was elected to 4 Pro Bowls and he led the NFL in interceptions from 1987 to 1992. As the all-time Charger leader in interceptions (42) and interception return yardage (546), Byrd was inducted into the Charger Hall of Fame in 1998 and names to the Charger All-Time Team in 2000.

Since his retirement in 1994, Gill has worked in broadcasting with NBC and served as the Executive Director of Player Development for the Green Bay Packers. He founded a non-profit organization that uses professional athletes who are dedicated to providing leadership and mentoring to young people through taped NFL Team Chapel Services, Radio-TV programming and a unique Two-Part School Curriculum (The First Quarter). Currently he is a Managing Member of 1st Quarter Curriculum, an educational ministry, and Heart of a Lion, a media ministry.

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